Data collected by European Environment Agency, and published in 2016 by the World Health Organization, show that the world is constantly growing in the risk of smog. This report (quoted in May 2016 at - najbardziejczyszczonych-miast-w-ue-sa-w- polsce-raport-who /) - further indicates that Poland is one of the "leaders in the number of polluted cities".

This long-standing problem of exceeding the standards and the risk of human health has become a contribution of joint efforts of Master Sporti engineers of specialist doctors to create innovative anti-smog filters.

However, before we present this technological innovation, it is worth presenting a few details about the smog ...

Smog (the name is a combination of English words smoke - smoke and fog - fog) is an unnatural atmospheric phenomenon consisting in the co-occurrence of air pollution due to human activity and adverse natural phenomena: significant haze and windless weather. The harmful chemical compounds contained in the smog, dust and high humidity pose a health risk, because they are allergenic agents and can cause diseases such as asthma, upper respiratory tract diseases and eye diseases. In addition, they cause exacerbation of chronic bronchitis or respiratory failure. Smog also reduces birth weight of the fetus, increases the incidence of cancer and may cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In addition, it increases the likelihood of asthma in children.

According to the study results, in the case of small impurities (up to 2.5 microns in diameter - PM2.5), any increase in dust density by 5 micrograms per cubic meter increases the risk of death from natural causes by as much as 7 percent. Breathing of PM2.5 contaminated air by a pregnant woman is also correlated with the occurrence of autism in a child. According to the estimates of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the year 2010, about 230 thousand died in the world due to lung cancer caused by air pollution. people.

According to the WHO, as many as 33 out of 50 cities in the European Union with the highest concentration of PM2.5 dust are in Poland. The most polluted cities in Poland are: Żywiec, Pszczyna, Rybnik, Wodzisław Śląski, and Opoczno. Sucha Beskidzka, Kraków, Skawina, Nowy Sącz. In most of these cities, smog is caused by the so-called low emission (significant accumulation of emitters up to 40 meters above ground level, in places with high density of buildings, on a small area). Smog in Poland occurs mainly in winter during the heating season (September-April).

In the case of the driver, besides the harmful effects of dust suspended on his body, there is one more threat - the concentration decreases and the risk of an accident.

A driver with tear-filled eyes, suffering from cough and runny nose attacks, not only exposes his health, but also becomes dangerous to other road users, because he gets tired faster and reacts more slowly to road hazards. As coaches of the School of Safe Driving Renault emphasize: Even ordinary sneezes can be dangerous, because the driver loses sight of the road for about 3 seconds. This is a dangerous situation, especially in a city where everything happens quickly and fractions of seconds can decide whether or not there will be a cullet. Late braking, late attention to a cyclist or pedestrian, imperceptible obstacles on the road are very risky behaviors to which the driver can not afford because it risks the safety of other road users. The driver struggling with allergies also has problems with concentration, which can be compared to the driver who drives the vehicle under the influence of alcohol.


Developed jointly by doctors and constructors of the Master Sport company - the Anti-Smog / Stop-Microbe filter - protects not only the health of passengers in the vehicle, but also has a huge impact on road safety, and often on the lives of others.

Anti Smog filter - composition and construction

The filter is made of microfiber layers adapted to each other, ie fibers with a density less than 1 denier (unit of linear density of synthetic fibers, where 1 denir is a fiber with a length of 9000 meters and a weight of 1 gram). Microphase is exceptionally soft and elastic, and has much higher filtration efficiency than natural fibers (it removes solid contaminants, such as soot, dust and dirt particles, pollen and bacteria).

Because the individual fibers are much thinner than the cellulose fibers from which the filter paper is built, when creating pleats (which are the active layer in the filter), the microfusion allows creating a much larger filtering surface while maintaining the same filter volume. In addition, it has a low hygroscopicity, which makes the filters do not deform under the influence of water as it could happen in the case of filter paper.

The most important feature of the filter, however, is the use of a silver filter layer, where the silver particles are dispersed evenly on the nonwoven layer and are permanently attached to the nonwoven fabric. The silver compounds used (used, among others, in hospitals) prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi

Reactive silver ions can change the structure of the cell wall and the nuclear envelope, disorganizing the bacterial cell. Silver also binds to bacterial DNA and RNA, denatures it and blocks replication.

Another product, developed in cooperation with Master Sport doctors and engineers, is a bamboo fiber filter. It has been known for a long time that the roots and leaves of the bamboo have a healing effect, and the compounds they contain counteract the development of cancer, have antibiotic and antioxidant effects.

Research of Japanese scientists (Bamboo shoots in the fight against bacteria - also showed that the skin of shoots of this plant has useful properties. As part of the experiment in Japan, bamboo shoots extract was prepared and its antibacterial effect was checked. It turned out that it successfully inhibited the growth of Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. With the help of NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, it was possible to isolate the compounds responsible for this action - stigmasterol and dihydrobrasicasterol.

The use of research works in the field of medicine and technology of filter construction by Master Sport allowed to reconcile three factors:

The composition contains bamboo and silver - it provides a safe and anti-allergic alternative medicine. Protection when moving on roads in crowded cities.

High efficiency - by reducing the inhalation of mites, pollutants, allergens, pollen, dust and other hazardous volatile substances

High technological advancement - It is worth noting that the filter was designed jointly by automotive specialists and otolaryngology

So, with the help of doctors, Master Sport engineers developed filters that became a substitute for hospital sterility in the car. Since the passenger cabin of the car is a small, closed space in which the air exchange is very limited, the use of appropriate cabin filters is of great importance for the health of the driver / passengers. The more so that we spend more and more time in the car.

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